It is not advised to have a

Robot Zombie Unicorn as a house pet. If you really want to have one though, you better not like your life too much. To tame a Robot Zombie Unicorn, you must first get a Cuban-Hungarian-Russian baby to feed to it (as seen in the diet article.) Next, you must do jumping jacks in place; you will be moving too fast so the Robot Zombie Unicorn will not see you. After the Robot Zombie Unicorn has eaten the baby, you have to repeat this line... 'My name is _________ (insert name) and i would like to capture you as my not-so-loyal and unforgiving pet. Please accept.' The

Robot Zombie Unicorn will start to charge you, and to stop him you must yell 'STOP!!! It's me, Zanglesmoophfz!' And he will shock you with his electric horn. If you survive, he is your pet.